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How to make web searching workflow without manually connecting keyword and all the open url actions

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I know nothing about making programs or anything. I need some help here.

What I want is to make a workflow that searches the websites that I want without manually connecting keyword and all the open url actions.

I want something that I can simply add as many URL including {query} as I need.

I know how to make URL including {query}.

I know this could be too much to ask but

can anyone make a sort of script or anything that I can use by adding new url

or at least let me know what to study to make this?? Please help me. 

This is what I have... there will be much more URL actions. 



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On 11/17/2021 at 1:11 AM, deanishe said:

Try this workflow.


Edit the searches.txt file in the workflow to add/remove search engines.


I thought it works, but somehow it doesn't work. It does search on every websites I add in the search.txt file. But the search results are different when I manually search the same thing on the same website. I add the same URLs with {query] that I used on the workflow I made above. So, basically I can't get the right search results by using your workflow. I don't know what I did wrong. anyways, thank you for your effort.

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19 hours ago, deanishe said:


Then perhaps the URLs are different. What are the final URLs of the search results from the workflow and when you search in-browser?

Thank you for the reply !!!


This is the same URL I used https://search.11st.co.kr/Search.tmall?kwd={query} in both workflows


This is the URL result from what I manually searched https://search.11st.co.kr/Search.tmall?kwd=%EA%B0%80%EC%8A%B5%EA%B8%B0       "%EA%B0%80%EC%8A%B5%EA%B8%B0"< is the query part and I searched humidifier in Korean, which is 가습기 in Korean.


This is the URL result from your workflow. https://search.11st.co.kr/Search.tmall?kwd=가습기


You are right. the results are different. But I used the same URL that I used in my workflow. It seems like English searching shows the same results unlike Korean searching. This is the same URL result from both ways https://search.11st.co.kr/Search.tmall?kwd=humidifier

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