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Obsidian Logging to the current Daily Note - Log

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I'm finding I'm using Obsidian more and more and only needed some simple Alfred integrations to make my life simpler and thought I'd share my basic of basics workflow.




Allows you to log data to the Daily Note in 3 different ways.
Opens the daily note from anywhere.

Searches Obsidian.


Ensure you have Obsidian Community Plugin Advanced Obsidian URI enabled.

Environment Variables

Update your vault name in the environment variable vaultname


olog <text> - Brings Obsidian to the front, appends current time and starts a new line with the typed text.

clog - Brings Obsidian to the front, appends current time and starts a new line with contents of the latest clipboard entry.

hotkey: <hyper>+o  (or choose your own- Brings Obsidian to the front, appends current time and starts a new line with currently selected text.

os <text> - Bring Obsidian to the front and searches with the typed text.

odn or hotkey of your choice - Brings Obsidian to the front and opens the current Daily Note.


Hope its useful to at least one other person :)

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Found I was using another feature of Obsidian that would make the time entry not working. 

Updated to bypass it as v1.4.1


Made a couple of updates to
a - make time logging work
b - highlight where to do some customisations on the format of the data going into the daily note.

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On 11/27/2021 at 12:17 AM, vitor said:

Your OneUpdater configuration is perfect, nothing needs to change. Though you should increase frequency_check to at least 1 (I use 4). 0 means it will check on every run.

Thanks for that.


Left it as 0 for testing but will certainly update. thanks for the check :)

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i have been using your workflow, awesome work!


i have a question tho, 

my url now is obsidian://advanced-uri?vault={var:vaultname}&daily=true&heading=TODO


since i would like to append the {var:prefix} {var:datatoobsidian.trim} under the heading TODO


however when i have the prefix - [ ] 

it only can work the first time

then i try to add another line and it does ot go to the start of the line, ignores the - [ ] 

and just pastes after the first task

it used to work but i don't know if its advanced URI problem or ?

i don't have this problem if the beginning of the line is not "-" (for my worklog i use the same URI just different heading and timestamp in front and no issues)

Any idea how to fix this?


Also i understand you can pass the data inside the URI, example:



i use this in Drafts and wondering if this can be done inside Alfred instead of pasting the line into obsidian?


Thanks so much in advance!





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Thanks for the message. 


Have to admit I'm having a lot of issues making any of that work as well. 


Full disclosure: I don't used Obsidian any more so haven't bothered looking into it or using this workflow. Hopefully someone more closely connected with Obsidian can take it on or point to a more complete workflow.



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