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Restore deleted Alfred 4 workflow from TimeMachine backup

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I searched and found another post asking this same question for Alfred 2. Unfortunately, the file layout seems to have changed with Alfred 4. I inadvertently deleted some components of a workflow (hint: If you cut items from a workflow, IMMEDIATELY paste them where desired. Undo does not work.) This isn't catastrophic, but it would save me some time to be able to recover the lost items. Is there an easy way to recover workflows with Alfred 4? 

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Thank you @Vitor. I always forget show package contents. I found the folders and another post saying the .alfredworkflow files are simply renamed .zip files. Compressing INSIDE the folder seemed to do the trick. I edited the workflow name in the plist to avoid overwriting my current updated version.

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Ok I must be living in a parallel universe. 

My mac died (although I can access the drive) and I have a new mac. 

I really need my snippets from the old machine. 

However I see no  ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred  on my old machine or new machine (yes I am showing system files in my search). In fact I do not see a Alfred folder or alfredpreferences.

Anyone have some guidance?

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