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Files show up in spotlight search, but not in Alfred after OneDrive Software update


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Running Alfred 4.6.2 on MacOS Intel 12.1


I noticed that the onedrive app received a bigger update a few days ago, making some changes to on-demand file system etc. 


I realise a strange behaviour now: Mac native Spotlights picks up files that Alfred does not show. I am puzzled, as I thought that Alfred relies on the spotlight database?

Is there something I am missing here?

file does not show on alfred.jpg

file shows on spotlight.jpg

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@maikfrank If you update to the 4.6.3 pre-release, the new location for OneDrive has been added by default.


If you have modified your search scope in Features > Default Results, this won't be added automatically, but you can add in ~/Library/CloudStorage/ which will include the new OneDrive path.


To avoid splitting the discussion, I'll close this thread, and you can continue in the existing OneDrive thread if you have any questions :)




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