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External script not running

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I'm trying to get Alfred run the following external script:


export LC_CTYPE=C
export LANG=C

cd /Users/tim/Desktop/"Remove Annotations"

for file in *.pdf
    outname=`sed -e "s/\.pdf$/_.pdf/"<<<"$file"`
    pdftk $file output - uncompress | sed '/^\/Annots/d' | pdftk - output $outname compress
    finalname=`sed -e "s/\_\.pdf$/.pdf/"<<<"$outname"`
    mv $outname /Users/tim/Desktop/$finalname
    echo "$file: done"


When running in from the Terminal it works fine, but Alfred seems to not do anything. The debugger doesn't say anything enlightening either. Maybe someone else can help me?

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When a Workflow doesn’t run, check the debugger as it will give you important clues.

From a cursory glance, issues are that you’re missing a shebang and that you’re calling an external tool (pdftk) without using its full path (Understanding the scripting environment goes into more detail). Fixes are:

  • Make the first line of your script #!/bin/zsh
  • Use the full path to pdftk. Run which pdftk in a Terminal to find out what it is.

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