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What are the steps to adding a GitHub workflow to my Alfred workflows?

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Hello @bo9. @giovanni already shared the steps for the first one. If something was unclear, please ask for clarification in the same thread. Avoid creating multiple posts for the same question because it will be confusing and you’ll get the same answer unless you clarify what you didn’t understand.


As for the second one, they have download instructions on the page (near the bottom). You need to go to the releases page then download the Audio.Device.alfredworkflow file.

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Thank you Vitor for the response. I will see if I can figure it out.  I apologize for creating a multiple posts.  I will keep that in mind moving forward. 

The problem I’m running into in the Forum is the answers I’m getting are not helping much because I’m an absolute beginner and the responses are assuming the poster (me) knows anything about this stuff.  I’ve been pretty clear with my post saying that I’m a newbie to Alfred, etc. 

When I work with people in my business I adjust my instructions greatly based off of their experience level.  Hopefully that’s something that can be improved upon here or maybe there’s a section of this forum, that I don’t know about, that is strictly for beginners/non-coders, etc. 

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