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Is it possible to use Alfred to press CMD X in Finder to cut files, and CMD V to paste them elsewhere?

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I had written another post about this which I deleted because I realized I hadn't phrased that well. I got it this time but I might as well clarify:


I want to press CMD X to cut files in Finder and paste them in another folder within Finder pressing CMD V, and I'm wondering if Alfred would somehow allow me to do so.

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I understand the process you’re chasing, but what is the goal? Your question is missing important context.


macOS does not have the concept of cutting files, like Windows does. ⌘X won’t work, the correct shortcuts are ⌘C followed by ⌘⌥V. If you want to send keyboard shortcuts, Alfred has an object for that. But then how are you going to pick the correct file to copy and the correct place to paste? You seem to be entering the complicated and painful world of GUI automation, when you should instead be using the correct programmatic method: the Universal Action to move, or a simple mv command.


Until you specify exactly what you’re trying to accomplish and why you think sending keyboard shortcuts is the solution (it very likely isn’t), it is impossible to help you better. Unless we understand the problem, we can’t provide the proper solution.

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