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Connecting workflow objects with Keyboard & VoiceOver?

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For the next build (likely later today), I've added ⌥arrows to connect the selected object to neighbouring objects, and ⌥backspace to remove all connections from the selected object.


I have further improvements I want to make to keyboard navigation after I get Alfred 5 released, as I ultimately want workflow editing with the keyboard to be buttery smooth :)

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I'll add keyboard navigation of the palette in due course, for now, you can type the object type into the search to browse all objects of that type.


The types are as follows: Triggers, Inputs, Actions, Automations, Utilities and Outputs.


As with Alfred's default results, use ctrl+n for next and ctrl+p for previous item instead of arrow down and up. This will prevent the macOS issue where you get a beep before it reads the next item.

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