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Process "Get Window Bounds" if Width is less then. . .

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"Get Window Bounds" returns for example:




How can I read the width or the height and select a conditional? For example: "if width is smaller then 2000" then ... else ...?


I can't find help about how to process the return of "Get Window Bounds" in the returned format and the conditional if else...


Best regards,


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Welcome @DCools,


That output is valid JSON you can process in a number of ways. Because it’ll be consistent, you can use a Replace Utility set to replace regex .*"width":(\d+),.* with $1, which will give you the width.


But we can do better. Automations Tasks 2022.7 was just released with a dropdown so you can return individual details like the width.

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Yes, Thank you it works thanks to 2022.7 the easy width selection.


I will play with the Replace Utility  and regex to understand how it works that way. Regex I understand and use now and then with other script languages.




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