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Please revise TickTick Workflow

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Because Alfred5 Support the shortcuts action, now you can use the ticktick Url request from shortcuts works without problem.

Under link is TickTick URL Scheme



I only write the Craft NoteBook application's shortcuts. But I think that using Alfred5 same thing can do from the Alfred input.

Can anybody try it and share?


スクリーンショット 2022-08-17 17.30.59.jpg

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That looks like it could be done entirely in Alfred, yes, but we can’t really do much from a screenshot. You haven’t shared the Shortcut itself or how you’d expect the Workflow to work and the screenshot is in Japanese. The more details you give, the more likely someone is to provide assistance. Help us help you.

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I think There isn't any need for only alfred to ticktick add task, because TickTick already have mini window and shortcut to call one and add task from it. So anyone needed Alfred to use in the sutiation of anyother to do apps or other textEditor to task management. I mainly use Craft to use everyday notebook. So I just make a suggestion to use TickTick URL schema from shortcut is useful in Today. And this URL Scheme is works well in shortcuts but Alfred5 call is not work well in Alfred5 open url method Where I tested coverage. So if you make another one in alfred5 in TickTick add Task from another environment I highly recommend shortcut and URL Scheme apploach.

Anyway I provide how to use URL sheme documment URL


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