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PDF text extraction

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hey, I have just purchased the powerpack 2 minutes ago. I'm just a bit new to it so not sure on what I will end up using it for.

One idea that I would love to solve and not sure if Alfred can do it is extraction of text from PDFs.


TL;DR - I want to be able to extract text from batches of PDFs to be able to import that data into our accounting software.

Full story

We have a business, one software does the day to day processes and management of clients (Realtime). Internally, we then have our business accounting software (Xero). Xero has an API but Realtime doesn't.

At the end of the deal, Realtime exports a PDF invoice that goes to the client. We hold money in a trust account which covers the invoice so we then create the same invoice in Xero for internal paper trail purposes which allows us to then pay for the invoice from the trust.

Some invoices might have 2 line items, other invoices might have 8-10 items and its time consuming.

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