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`Show Alfred on active screen` doesn't work when `Displays have separate Spaces` is OFF in the macOS Preferences

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as the title says. it's pretty straightforward. if the `Displays have separate Spaces` is OFF in macOS, then the `active screen` ends up always being the default one instead.


Alfred 5.0.2 [2073]

macOS 13 public beta 6

macOS 12.5

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adding macOS 12.5 after testing
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after investigating on my side i'm finding that this seems to be a bug in AppKit. assuming that Alfred is checking the active screen with `NSScreen.main`, the screen returned is wrong if an app is a LSUIElement type. i've reported this to Apple (FB11506568).


one way to go around this could be to get the Focused Window of the System AX Element. then grab the Frame of the Focused Window, and check it against the available Screens Frames to see within which Screen the Focused Window is. that is, if you want to get this fixed. may not be worth the trouble?

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