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Multiple inputs (Form Like) to a workflow

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Hi, I'm trying to build a workflow where I need to pass in multiple inputs to it. I was wondering what's the best way to do it?


Options I thought about:

- I don't like passing one param and then splitting it to make multiple inputs as I feel it's not clean and you can't really see the entire input if the input is more than a few characters.

- I also don't like the idea of having multiple Script Filters that take one input at one time. This also has the same limitation of character overflow and feels not clean.


I'd prefer a form like input that has multiple text input field so I can enter and see all of them visually before pushing them into the workflow. How can I accomplish this?

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I'm looking for something like this but with multiple input fields (popup style form would also work). I couldn't figure how to show multiple fields with AppleScript at one time. A dropdown would be desirable but just text inputs would work great. 





Would be even great if I can do this within Alfred search bar itself like this










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@andy4222 Take a look at this example; It's for the Snippet Triggers, but the free text entry could be added to a workflow triggered in a different way:



More specifically, scroll down to number 3 "Creating a snippet with free text", where Alfred's window prompts you for free text entry, and 4 "Creating a snippet with a list of items to fill in the blank" where you can create a pre-defined list to choose from.


Hope this helps :)

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@Vero Thank you for the response. I tried it right now and remember looking at it in the past as well and it didn't work well for me because:


- I can only view more than one input at a time

- I can't go back to edit the previous input

- Can't select multiple items from the list of options shown


There are other productivity tools/utilities that might allow this right now (KM etc.), but I was hoping to accomplish this with Alfred as it's my one stop shop for everything and I'm trying to minimize dependency on multiple tools and see Alfred as my go to.

LMK if there's something else I can try

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