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Help with Plexamp Next Track Keystroke

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I previously used Apple Music and used this script to mark a track Unloved and play the next track.


echo '
(function() {
  var track = Application("Music").currentTrack();
  var trackDisliked = track.disliked();
  var notification = (trackDisliked ? "UnDisliked" : "Disliked") + ": " + track.name();
  track.disliked = !trackDisliked;
  return notification;
})()' | osascript -l JavaScript


I switched to Plexamp. Currently, my keyboard shortcut in Plexamp is set to "Fn+Pg Down" to mark the track as disliked. I need Alfred to also simulate "Next Track" keystroke, which is under F8 keyboard key on my Mac. Anyway to do this?

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