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I installed the 1Password integration, and it's working fine, but I've noticed that in the Alfred Preferences I don't see any options to change the settings which I would like to. The section under features persists in offering another download of the workflow when I think it's supposed offers settings. 


Apologies if I've missed something. I've tried restarting my Mac, reinstalling the workflow, installing the 1Password CLI, and disabling the biometric part unlock for that.


Advice would be appreciated. Thank you in advance. 

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@Zinkren Since the 1Password 8 update, it's no longer possible to manage the workflow via the Features > 1Password preferences in Alfred. So that section won't offer you further settings when using 1PW 8.


You can find the official workflow thread here if you have questions about a particular setting you'd like to tweak:



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