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dynamic file search

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I want to create a workflow where there are 3 search parameter inputs.

1 is a word that's present in the file

2 or 3 (optional) a word in the filename

2 or 3 (if starting with a .) (optional) the filetype


so to distinguish between 2 and 3 , the leading . should be used

all parameters are space separated 


this is what I made so far, but I'm not sure if I'm on the right track

Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 22.06.57.png

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Use the Split Args to split to different variables (as opposed to arguments), and use those. But use a consistent separator (e.g. always space, or always comma, or always period). The way you’re describing is possible, but not unless you write the code to make the splits since your rules vary.

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Can you explain in detail what you’re trying to accomplish? A File Filter searches directly: you set up a keyword for it, call it, and type to search. The Keyword Input in there is atypical but maybe you have a reason for it (hence why I’m asking; I need to understand the reasoning  to point you in the proper direction).


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Sometimes I have a file that I know some key content words of, but those might also appear in filetypes that are not relevant  at the moment, so I would like to be able to provide the search as much content as I know in order to get the right file 

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