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VoiceOver playing Boundary Reached sound when navigating results

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Hi, I'm a VoiceOver user running Alfred 5.0.6 (2110) with Ventura 13.3, and I'm noticing the following bug upon my usage.

If you type something in Alfred then press the down arrow to navigate to the next results with VO enabled, you will hear the Boundary Reached thunk sound. This absolutely always happens. A sure-fire way of triggering the sound if you need clarification is to press VO+H, then expand Sounds Help where you can preview all VO sounds.

VO does this when alerting the user there at the end of a group or container (such as a text field), and because the down arrow can usually be used to jump the cursor to the end of a single-line field, VO is effectively reminding the user they've reached the end of a text field that they've never moved in.

I can be fairly certain this is true, because when you press the left arrow to move the cursor, this bug no longer happens.

Additionally, the opposite experience can be had by moving the cursor back to the beginning and pressing up arrow, thus navigating backwards through results and hearing the Boundary Reached thunk.

Given all that I've said, I'm not sure of a way this could actually be fixed, but I do remember this didn't used to happen for versions of Alfred 3. Unfortunately I can't remember exactly the MacOS and Alfred version I was using at the time. Of course this is hardly deal-breaking, however it would still naturally be nice if this issue was looked into.


Best regards

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@Minionslayer This is an unfortunate bug in the apple text field framework. Alfred is correctly intercepting the arrow down event in the delegate (to use this for movinf to the next row), however Apple's accessibility API is still treating this as wanting to move to the end of the text field. If the cursor is already at the end of the text field, you'll get the beep.

I've investigated workarounds in the past, but none are satisfactory. I'm going to leave this in the bugs forum as I'll take a fresh look at this again.


The workaround for now is to use ctrl+n for next result and ctrl+p for previous result.




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