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workflows keep reverting to fallback search

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I am having this issue with several workflows that I downloaded from the gallery.  I'll use the tv and movie search for this question.  I type movie or tv and see the workflow entry, but as soon as I start typing the show or movie I want to search, it immediately goes to the fallback search options.  I got an API key and put it in the workflow config.  Any help is appreciated. image.thumb.png.a41aeb2e04403525fe97703975a99f5d.png


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A good candidate for the cause is that you have the Developer Tools installed but they broke with a macOS update (did you recently update to Ventura 13.3?). Open a terminal and run xcode-select --install. You should then get a GUI dialog from Apple which will walk you through installing the tools. Takes literally two clicks and waiting a bit.

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From the debugger, I could gather these screenshots for 2 different workflows — one called Fixum and another one to switch Audio Output.

The steps I had followed were:
1. Open a terminal and run xcode-select --install

2. Wait for the installation to complete

3. Verify installation by trying to reinstall

4. Terminal returned "xcode-select: error: command line tools are already installed, use "Software Update" in System Settings to install updates"

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Just now, agrawalravi95 said:

one called Fixum


You can uninstall that. That is a very old workflow which was meant to solve something which no longer exists. It’s failing because it uses a deprecated version of Python.


2 minutes ago, agrawalravi95 said:

switch Audio Output


That one doesn’t need the Developer Tools. The error is unrelated and it’s the workflow itself failing to do something in System Preferences. There are a few workflows with that name. Find the one you have and report it to the developer either on the forum or on GitHub (if available).


5 minutes ago, agrawalravi95 said:

The steps I had followed were


Those are correct.

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