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With acknowledgements (and much credit) to @sepulchra for the original Apple mail workflow here is a similar workflow slightly remodelled to work with emails in Postbox.


The only material difference between this and @sepulchra's workflow is that it's a little tricky to work, in Postbox, with the `messages://` protocol so this workflow uses Postbox URL scheme instead.



Note that to use this workflow you must have Postbox installed.

This workflow takes a selected email in Postbox and creates from it a markdown link in the following format:

[Birthday greetings](x-postbox-message://f05a9a04-f297-0234-989a-82e4ddefe4a4%40blahblah.com) from Freda <freda@blahblah.com>

That means, of course, that when displaying the markdown you can click on the subject of the message and go directly to the message in Postbox.


Select a single message in Postbox and type the keyword in Alfred (the default is pblink).



The result is displayed in a dialog and also copied to the clipboard.


I am not sure how many Postbox users we have here so I'm not suggesting this should be in the gallery.


The GitHub download link.



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