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is it possible to open URL in same tab is already exists ?

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41 minutes ago, pixelgeek said:

Depends on your browser. If you are creating the URL you can add a target="new" attribute to the url and see if that works.


where is new ?


41 minutes ago, pixelgeek said:


Where is the URL being generated?


in features → web search 


thank you for your reply

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As @pixelgeek mentioned, it depends entirely on the browser. Safari, for example, does it (by default?). When Alfred opens a URL, it’s just telling macOS “hey, open this”. macOS then checks what the default app for that is and tells it “hey, open this”. The it happens. Once Alfred sends the URL to macOS, it’s out of its hands.


Yes, you could (again, depending on the browser) make a workflow that would automate it, checking every open tab to see if it matched the URL and then switching to it if it found it. The trouble isn’t worth it, considering it’ll have to be slower.


Your best bet is to look in the browser’s settings or ask for the feature in their forums.


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