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Clipboard - can't find the history

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I have my SysPrefs set to enable Alfred access to everything = I have a power pack = but I copied something [I thought] to the Clipboard but went to find it and didn't find anything.  I assume/hope it's still there and that I couldn't figure out how to access it, but I did try.  

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19 minutes ago, VictoriaJZ said:

but went to find it

Can you describe exactly what you did? Did you use the Viewer Hotkey (see Alfred Preferences → Features → Clipboard History)? Is it possible the app from which you copied is one excluded by Alfred Preferences → Features → Clipboard History under the Advanced tab?



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Thank you == I did my Alfred Hotkey = then put in Clipboard [I'd never used it! and was thrilled] -- got the Show Clipboard Viewer and hit return = it says ALL Snippets and then it's all a blank area =- image.jpeg.8b6bdd2b1b8b212e44a63f53f585786e.jpeg   BUT I think I have FINALLY figured it out == I didn't know really about this wonderful feature and had not checked the boxes on the History Feature page == my own fault!!!  I'll check them and hope that helps in the future == this is a feature I hadn't known of = so far am not a power user of Alfred [tho I do have my Powerpack] and will not set out to improve that situation = thanks.

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