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Snippet Workflow Trigger Issue

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Hi guys, when using a Snippet workflow, I realised that the trigger words still remains in my input box, how can it remove it after the trigger happens? Normal snippets work as I think the auto expansion clears it, but when used in a workflow, the trigger word stays.
I.e. my trigger is ">gg", after typing that, Alfred activates my workflow, but ">g" remains (the last g is removed tho)

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Hi @Vero,

I'm pasting it into a form field. More specifically into ChatGPT. I created a workflow that will let me choose different templates to paste into ChatGPT.
Yes, even when using TextEdit, the keywords remain, only the last character is cleared.

Will try the slowing down of key events and report back after testing!

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@KelvinZhao When you say "into ChatGPT", is this the openai website in Safari? In a different browser? Or a standalone app version?


I've tried the OpenAI website in Safari on a current Ventura Mac, and don't see any delays or keywords remaining. So the more details you can give, the better we'll be able to help you out. :) 

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