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Easy Clean up workflow?

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Hi everyone!

So basically I do not know how I would create a workflow like that, but I think it might benefit a lot of different users. Maybe one of you is willing to create one? :)

We all know that apps like clean my mac and other pay/free options essentially do the things that you could also do on a mac without them.

I would love to have a workflow which cleans the mac, delete caches, delete log files, clear ram memory, remove leftovers etc, maybe even deletes duplicates? . Yes, i could also dig into the folders of each and every app and kill everything manually but thats no fun, right?!

TLDR; I am not sure if this is too complicated but basically I would looove to have a trimmed down version of mac cleaner apps as a Alfred workflow. 

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DeleteConfig exists for that. It deliberately requires you to write what to search for because those cleaner apps often overreach and delete more than they should. They’ve been know to break apps, even. The workflow searches within your library so you can pick and choose what to keep and what to delete.

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