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When update workflow from gallery not update the custom actions

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It is not viable to keep complex changes (such as new objects) across updates (regardless if they’re done via the Gallery or manually) because you can’t differentiate between a change done by the user or a legitimate modification by the author. For example, if version 1.1 or a workflow has two keywords and version 1.2 removes one of them, the update process can’t know if the extra keyword was removed on purpose by the creator or added by the user. Keeping it could lead to breaking behaviour.

In other words, you can either get the updates or keep your customisations. To do the latter, you can right-click → Duplicate the workflow. The copy won’t have a Bundle Id and won’t track Gallery updates.

Alternatively, you can ask the creator to add some External Triggers to relevant actions that you’ll then the able to call from a different workflow.

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