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I am currently converting workflow environment variables to more detailed specification inside a workflow configuration. I set some variables within almost all of my workflows, e.g. the path to the central directory with all my Alfred workflow scripts.


When setting up a new workflow configuration, is it possible to easily copy the configuration (or parts of it, but not only the variable name or value) from another workflow? Since the new workflow already has content, I do not want to duplicate the old workflow and start from scratch only for the configuration.


Another option would be the option to share global variables across all workflows. I believe this feature has been requested by other users before, so please correct me if this is already implemented.



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If you use Workflow Configuration, you can right-click to copy an item and then Paste as New Item when adding to the other workflow. For Workflow Environment Variables You could technically copy and paste the relevant information from the info.plist.

But if you’re using this for all your workflows, you could make a common file and source it every time, akin to Method 3 in Understanding the Scripting Environment. That document also explains why global variables encompassing all workflows could lead to issues, especially when sharing workflows, which would be quite hard to debug.

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