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Clipboard history: plain text only?

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@NickSloan Welcome to the forum! :)


Alfred's clipboard is plain text by design, which keeps him incredibly lightweight and efficient on your Mac. When pasting from Alfred, the text you're pasting will respect the formatting of the destination text.


Note that if you use copy/paste directly in macOS without going via Alfred's Clipboard, the formatting will be retained.


When it comes to snippets, you can create RTF snippets, so if the item you want to paste with formatting is one you frequently need, you can create it as a snippet instead.

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Thanks for the quick reply Vero—and sorry for inadvertently posting in the wrong forum.


I see the rationale for plain text only but it's nevertheless a disappointment that style retention is not an option since most of my ad hoc copy-paste requires rtf. I guess I'll just have to stick with Butler/KM for clipboard history.

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