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Play Song workflow fallback search - So frustrated I posted an Upwork job

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I love Caleb's Play Song workflow but it has one feature I would dearly love - to search for query text in fallback search.




There is a fallback search option but only for when there is no matche in Apple Music.  I have 60K+ songs in Apple Music so almost any text will get a match (usually not the song I'm after) and I would like the fallback search of the query text in youtube/google/discogs etc. whether it gets a match in Apple Music or not.




I don't know if I'll find anyone with Alfred workflow skills on Upwork but I have posted a job anyway because this has been driving me crazy for years.



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Ask the author instead. @caleb531’s workflows are in active development and the Gallery page has links to both the relevant GitHub and Forum post.


Asking a random person on an unrelated website, even if you get a resolution, will be wasted once the workflow is updated and your change is overwritten (or you have to keep using the one you got). But if you ask the author, everyone will benefit from

it and you’ll be directing your (monetary) thanks to the person who

most deserves it and can support the feature better.

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