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  1. Thanks for the Alfred YouVersion workflow Caleb! Very handy! :)

  2. I actually did add that functionality at one point. However, the logic was rather complicated and unreliable, so I removed the feature.
  3. What does it do? YouVersion Suggest is a workflow which allows you to search across the YouVersion Bible for any verse, chapter, or book (in any version). Why do I want it? I created YouVersion Suggest because I wanted to great simplify the effort required to look up any Bible reference (be it a verse or chapter or book in a particular version). As a believer in Christ, I think that quick and easy access to Scripture is important, and so that's exactly what I've tried to do. How does it work? Type the yv keyword in Alfred, followed by a space and a phrase representing
  4. As far as I can tell, the version number is indeed accurate. A potential solution is to download the latest version of the workflow either from Packal or from GitHub and install the workflow over your current installation. I actually pushed a new release to GitHub recently, so I'll publish that to Packal later today, and you can give it another try. EDIT: I pushed the latest release (v3.0.2) to Packal. Let me know if that fixed the issue.
  5. Unfortunately, AppleScript (the language in which this workflow is written) cannot control the recent Play Next feature in iTunes AFAIK. The only way to queue up multiple songs is to have the internal playlist created for you. If you desire to queue up many songs before playing, it is probably easiest and best to create a playlist within iTunes and then play that playlist whenever you so desire via this workflow (e.g. playplaylist My Playlist).
  6. Hi everyone. I recently released Play Song v3, which introduces a few important changes which you should be aware of. Most notably, Play Song v3 removes the play keyword in favor of the playsong keyword. In short, I did this because the play keyword was becoming too ambiguous in name and behavior. However, if you so desire, you are still easily able to rename the playsong keyword to play within the Workflows pane of the Alfred Preferences. In addition to that major change, Play Song v3 (and the subsequent bugfix release) introduces a number of welcome additions and fixes: I have rewri
  7. Hi, everyone. I recently released Play Song v2.1, which adds support for playing user playlists via the playplaylist keyword. Enjoy! Caleb
  8. You should also be happy to know that I've integrated Tyilo's fix into the workflow itself, and so the issue of missing results should no longer be present. The new workflow is available for download via the link in this thread's original post. Enjoy using the workflow! Caleb
  9. Ah, I didn't realize you posted a corresponding GitHub issue. Will do. Caleb
  10. Well, after a quick examination of the code, I can see how that might happen. However, in order to confirm this suspicion, I need your help: Please tell me if the following path exists on your system. If it does not exist, then please tell me how far deep the path goes for you: /Users/[YOUR USERNAME]/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-2/Workflow Data/ Thanks, Caleb
  11. Hello, everyone! I am pleased to announce the arrival of Play Song v2, a major new release of the workflow. Per popular request, the new release includes the ability to play not only individual songs, but albums, artists, and genres as well. See the README on the project page for details on usage. Enjoy! Caleb
  12. Ah, fantastic! I hope you find the workflow easy and convenient. Ironic, though: you reported the bug just as I was working on v2.0 of the workflow, which is going to be so much more awesome. Enjoy! Caleb
  13. No, you did exactly what you should have done. Fortunately, I have discovered the root cause of the issue, and have pushed a fix to GitHub. Please download the new workflow and let me know if it works for you. Caleb
  14. I just downloaded the latest workflow from GitHub and tested it, but everything is working as it should. Note that if you hold down the control key when choosing a song from the list, it will search the song on Google. Perhaps the control key is somehow being held down when you choose a result. I'm running Yosemite myself and have no issues using my workflow. -Caleb
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