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"Word Matching" in "Alfred Filters Results" Does Not Work for Languages Where Words Aren't Separated by Spaces

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I tried to use the Script Filter action to find some Japanese novels from the web, I had it list all titles of the novels for me and I will type to search in them, but some of the results were not shown besides me typed the keyword included in the title. 


I build a test workflow to showcase it:



cat << EOB
"items": [
		"title": "ドイツ留学",
		"subtitle": "ドイツ留学",
		"arg": "ドイツ留学",
		"match": "ドイツ留学"

		"title": "no",
		"subtitle": "no",
		"arg": "no",
		"match": "no"

		"title": "knkfd",
		"subtitle": "knkfd",
		"arg": "knkfd",
		"match": "knkfd"




If I type "ドイツ" which is the Japanese word for "Germany", Alfred shows me the result. And if I type "留学" ("study abroad"), he shows me nothing.


I'm on Alfred 5.1.2 [2145], macOS 13.5.1.


If this is something that Alfred is not currently capable or/and intended to handle, I still don't think this belongs to the feature request category because it is something Alfred says he can do but fails at, since "word" can mean different things in different languages. And I don't think Alfred should work specifically in English. 

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6 hours ago, spongeblink said:

Are language-related issues discouraged in this forum?


They are not, but non-whitespace word matching within Alfred's framework adds certain complexity which I have yet to have a chance to analyse.


I'm leaving this as an open bug in the forum until I've had time to process.

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