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Snippet expansion in Orion Browser

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I've been using Orion Browser recently, which is Webkit based, and running into an issue with Alfred snippet expansion.


I have a snippet for my email address for example, like @@em which expands into my full email address—let's say "my@email.com". In other browsers, including Safari, this works with no problem. In Orion, though, it expands to "@@my@email."


If I use macOS's built-in text expansion, there's no such issue.


I've tried disabling all extensions in Orion, but no luck.


Any ideas?

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@paulw Could you try slowing down key events in Alfred's Snippets preferences? It may be that Orion is a slower browser, and needs more time between actions.


To do this, open your Alfred prefs > Features > Snippets > Auto-Expansion Options > Tweaking > Simulated key event speed. Set it to the slowest speed and see if the keyword is fully removed. If it is, speed up the key events until you get to a timing that still works for Orion without necessarily being the slowest.


Let me know how you get on :) It might be worth adding this note to the Orion bug report if it sorts things out for you.

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