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using Alfred to open specific safari profiles in MacOS Sonoma

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Now that MacOS Sonoma is released to the public, I'm wondering if there's a way to open specific safari profiles in MacOS Sonoma using Alfred? Right now I have two safari profiles, one for personal and one for work. If I have both profiles open at the same time and I minimize both windows, then I type "safari" after triggering Alfred, it'll just open the one that I last minimized. Is there a way to specify which safari profile I want to open and expand that window?


Not sure if this makes sense, but please provide any information that might be helpful, thank you!

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maybe you could create a workflow which uses key combos to change the profile in the meantime...


Something like a List Filter as trigger (which has to be populated manually since Safari offering an api) to select the profile.

Then you could use a keyboard combo to open a new window in the given profile.  With ⌘ + ⌥ + ⇧ + <number> where 0 is your personal profile and 1 to x are the other profiles you can open a new window in a specific profile.


Maybe looking at something like the OpenIn app (haven't tested it myself) might help too.

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On 11/1/2023 at 2:50 PM, smagdali said:

That worked!


I'd like to refine it to switch to the open tab instead of always opening a new window but it's a start. 


It's here if others want to take a look





it's nice and I tried it, if you find a clue to open tab instead of windows. 
still your workflow is important, I use it as start and then adding tacos by cmd+N

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