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Tot.app integration

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  • Access your Dots via the keyword `tot`. 
    • ⏎ Open the Dot.
    • ⌘⏎ Append to the Dot.
    • ⌥⏎ Copy the contents of the Dot.
    • ⌃⏎ Delete the Dot.
  • Quickly append to a pre-selected Dot via the keyword `qq`. 
  • Configure a hotkey to append the current browser tab and/or selected text.


➡️ https://github.com/chrisgrieser/tot-alfred



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@pseudometa i don't know if you might have time to test this on your end -- but when i select a dot to append to (⌘⏎ Append to the Dot), it still just appends to the dot selected in the user configuration when using the "qq" keyword. It was working as expected for a while but suddenly it just appends to the one dot.


I'm on Alfred 5.1.4 and OS 13.6.3

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