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Workflow - How to create sub menus?

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Im looking to create a workflow that pops up a list to select from, then based on what you select a second sub menu pops up, and you make a selection that then open a website.


I can create the first menu, but when I select something, the workflow doesn't complete.


Trying to make a workflow that opens a website based on a selection made in a sub menu


Attaching the workflow diagram.2023-10-15_08-35-41.thumb.png.f5f3131fb01f15da1e3aa6b77d075c72.png


thank you!

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The issue is that your argument is being filled on the subsequent List Filter and thus it’s filtering for it. If you delete the text that shows up in Alfred you’ll see you’re on the right list. The solution is to make the argument empty. You can either add an Arg and Vars Utility before each List Filter and make the Argument empty, or right-click → Inbound Configuration… in each List Filter, then tick the Custom Argument checkbox and leave the text field empty.

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