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Go to a mailbox in Apple Mail

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1. With the Apple Mail app in focus, press a shortcut key to show Alfred with a special search field
2. Type parts of the name of the folder to jump to and press enter
3. The frontmost window of the Mail app will show that folder.


https://github.com/chatchavan/alfred-workflows/tree/main/Go to mailbox for Apple Mail

After importing the workflow, please specify the shortcut key in the first element of the workflow.

Edited by chatchavan
updated an instruction for v.1.0.1
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Welcome @chatchavan,


While you can suggest a Hotkey (e.g. F1), you can’t really set one for other people (imagine the conflicts) as they are stripped on import.


On the Script Filter, you left a default placeholder title (Script Filter JSON format) and placeholder subtext (Generate results into Alfred from JSON) which will be confusing for anyone calling the workflow. They should be something which identifies what the workflow does.

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