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Can't tab in dialog boxes


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After installing Alfred (5.1.4) on my MBP (macOS 12.6.3), I was no longer able to use Tab or Space within any dialog box in macOS. Return still seems to work. As I use hot keys to increase productivity, this is a huge inconvenience for me. Do you know if there is some setting that overrides this functionality? 

Screen Shot 2023-12-22 at 6.04.22 AM.png

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@ggg411 Welcome to the forum! Could you please fill in your Powerpack email address in your forum profile?


Could you also provide your Diagnostics file, which you can get by typing "?diagnostics" into Alfred? You can then email it to our info@ email address so that I can take a look at your configuration. 


Could you also share whether you use any keyboard modifying apps like Keyboard Maestro, Better Touch Tool or similar? This will give us more insight into what your particular setup is, as Alfred doesn't interfere with simple keypresses like tab and space, especially when the Alfred search box isn't showing.



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@ggg411 Taking a look at your Diagnostics, I can see you're using Cmd + Space as Alfred hotkey. Given Alfred has no way to interfere with keypresses like tab and space, I think what you're seeing is a conflict of both Alfred and Spotlight trying to use Cmd + Space, resulting in the focus being taken away from the app you're using.


First, try changing your hotkey to something other than Cmd + Space and see what behaviour you get.


Next, take a look at this page on resolving the Cmd + Space conflict with Spotlight:



Let us know how you get on!

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