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Script Filter JSON to see if title contains substring from query

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I have a list of JSON objects where I want to check if a title contains a substring entered in the Alfred prompt.


I tried to build it with an Alfred Script Filter (JSON format) using the autocomplete. But works only if the string starts with the query string.

What I need is to check if the substring is in (contains instead of starts with) the title.


Given the example item below if I search for "I want" this item should be a candidate for selection in the resultslist of the script filter.


{"items": [


        "nr": "1",

        "title": "The String I want to search in"

        "subtitle": "",

        "autocomplete": "The String I want to search in",

        "arg": "",

        "icon": {

            "path": "images/a.png"


        "variables": {

            "id": "213",

            "value1": "lorem",

            "value2": "ipsum",

            "notes": "sadasd sadsad. sdasd"





Is this possible with a Script Filter? If not how could I achieve it? 

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ah I have overlooked this option.


But this seems to work only with words. 

What I would need is matching of substring in a word.




The items are:









if i search for "berg" both  Kreuzberg and Bergheim will be results shown in the list.


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