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Problems when searching for mac settings in one's own language

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In Alfred 5.1.4 with macOS Sonoma 14.2.1.


Before, when I was looking for the MAC preferences settings I could do it in Spanish and they appeared. Now I have to search in English for them to appear. 

Attached is an example with " sonido" (sound). In Alfred I have to search for "sound" for it to appear. Otherwise it does not appear as it did before. Capturadepantalla2024-01-11alas12_11_44.thumb.png.3aad8d216dec5f8e0006e1dd2fc16fe7.pngCapturadepantalla2024-01-11alas12_11_34.thumb.png.0d0c7261f04e0740fe63e71394243200.png

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