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Novice query: Finder / file search

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Could someone please advise (as it may already be possible and I've overlooked it)...


I'm searching my SSD for a keyword... and Alfred brings up a list of files that include the keyword.

I want to open be able to open, view and explore each file within a Finder folder.

Why, because I don't know exactly what I'm looking for...! 


So for example, I know I want to search 'allica' but beyond that I don't know which pdf has the information I'm looking for. 

So I'd like to go through each one in Preview one by one. But when I open the first file, that concludes the Alfred search and I'll have to start again.


I thought if I pressed the Right Arrow key it would give me an option to view all files, but no...
Am I missing something...? 


Many thanks in advance for your advise / suggestion



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@Dan-Mulligan Welcome to the forum :)


Without knowing your exact configuration, I can only guess that you've added documents/PDFs to your default results and your (external?) SSD to your default search scope.


I'll make a few suggestions that might improve your search experience while answering your question.


Previewing files: You can press the Shift key to take a look at the highlighted result in QuickLook.


Browsing a folder: If you'd like to look at all files within a particular folder, press the right arrow to see the Actions that are available for your file. You can then reveal the folder in Finder, browse the folder in Alfred, etc...




Creating a File Filter: If you often search for pdfs in a set of pre-defined folders, a File Filter workflow would save you time in browsing in folders that aren't relevant. Here's the guide to creating your own File Filter workflow.


You'll also find some existing workflows on the Gallery, which you can use as a starting point to customise:

Keep recent query history in Alfred: Open Alfred's preferences to Advanced, and check both the "Store typed query" and "Show latest query if within 5 minutes" so that if you close Alfred, you can pop the window back up and your search query will still be there.


Hope these tips help! :)

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Thank you very much @Vero. I didn't know I could preview by pressing Shift... i knew I was probably missing something basic. The other advice for Folder Searches I will dedicate some time to exploring further. Much obliged! 😀



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