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It would be great to have a way to prioritise which of the searches to use in Web Search.


There are 2 maps keywords and I made another custom one.

99% of the time I want Apple maps rarely others.

But Alfred seems to use them randomly.

So I type maps and some location hit enter and suddenly I am on the what3words page.


Sure, I could use different keywords or disable Google maps, but a priority setting might be nicer.


What do you think?

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@Mogul Welcome to the forum :) 


Alfred doesn't use them randomly; He learns from your usage and associates the keyword you type to the result you choose.


For example, if you typed "m" and chose Apple Maps a few times, Alfred will show Apple Maps when you type "m". If you then typed "maps" and chose Google Maps, Alfred will associate Google Maps to you typing "maps" in full. 


In other words, it's not just the full keyword you have set, but also how much of it you type before selecting it as the right result.


You can find out more about how Alfred sets knowledge here:



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