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Alfred 5.5.2257 workflow updates still show update needed

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The latest beta - and prior shows workflows need updates, I've updated them but they still show updates.. Quit and restart as well ? see the picture and can share diagnostic... 




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@TDube I'm taking a look at the Diagnostics file you've emailed in, and it doesn't seem to match what you've shared in your screenshot. Did you send your Diagnostics from the same Mac?


Your Diagnostics show you have 17 workflows, yet in this screenshot I can count 18 within view. I can see that there are more current Gallery versions of the workflows (e.g. version 1.3.0 of the Homebrew Search workflow), whereas your Diagnostics show 'Homebrew' [1.2.8:de.chris-grieser.homebrew] as your version.


I wonder if your choice of sync mechanism is interfering with normal operation; What is the AlfredSync folder in your Documents, and what sync method do you use? It's possible that Alfred isn't able to save to it or is lacking some permissions.


The first thing I'd recommend doing is temporarily creating a new sync location in your user directory under ~/Alfred/ (provided this is a local, unsynced path on your Mac) and setting this as your sync folder in Alfred's advanced preferences.


Once you've done this, try updating one of the Gallery workflows again, and see if the arrow goes away. You can send in another Diagnostics, and I can take a look at whether it's correctly updated to the latest version.


Let me know how you get on. :)

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@Vero yes same mac... I've attached full screen shot of workflows for you. 


- how do you want me to share my sync folder ? I use folder sync in docs under my icloud drive. 


I'll follow your diagnostics steps as well and report back.. 



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@TDube The objective of moving your preferences to that location temporarily was to establish whether your preferences were working normally outside of the sync location, which then narrows the issue you're experiencing to a syncing one.


The Diagnostics you sent now matches much better what was in your screenshot, e.g. 18 workflows matching what was in your screenshot, and current versions from the Gallery rather than older ones. 


At this stage, I would recommend making a backup of your Alfred.alfredpreferences somewhere safe, e.g. an external drive or Time Machine. You can then try moving your preferences to the sync location again and see how you get on.


Can you confirm that iCloud's Optimised Storage is disabled in your iCloud prefs? This is essential to ensure that iCloud doesn't randomly decide to put your Alfred preferences online-only, making them inaccessible to Alfred.


Let me know how you get on :)

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@Vero good - re: icloud - almost everyone uses the optimized in my mind.. I choose to keep certain things always on local drive like the prefs file and a few others to avoid issues w/ this.. I've had my prefs on iCloud for a long time first I've had this problem in past few weeks... 


Let me know 



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3 hours ago, TDube said:

@Vero good - re: icloud - almost everyone uses the optimized in my mind..


@TDube It has always been a requirement to keep Optimised Storage disable in order to store Alfred's preferences on iCloud:



It's possible that you've now reached a point with your Mac, macOS and iCloud where it needs to start strategically moving files to online-only, resulting in these issues. 

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