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Remote Passphrase Problem [Resolved]

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these topic exists already, but it is closed:

I have the same problem. I've bought the Mac Power License and the iOS Remote app. My Mac and my iPhone are up to date. I've followed the instructions and the troubleshoot article, but on the iPhone it still does not show the passphrase and there doesn't pops up any macOS dialogue to allow Alfred the remote settings.


Both devices are on the same network.

Both devices are rebooted twice.


Is there anybody with the same problem and has it already solved?

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@Manny Have you followed the steps in Andrew's answer to the thread you linked? 


Check that your Firewall allows incoming connections from Alfred Remote, and that your network allows devices to see each other.


Some networks (e.g. corporate networks, coffee shops) have restrictions in place to stop devices being able to see each other on the network for the safety of individual users.

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Now I understand!
You have made my day :) It works properly now :)


For all, that run into the same issue -> here is the solution (in my case)...


On macOS Sonoma:

- Open System Settings

- Click on 'Network' > 'Firewall' > 'Options'

- Disable 'Block all incoming connections'

- Click '+' at 'Allowed apps' section and add Alfred from your 'Applications' directory on your disk

- Click 'OK' button

- Don't turn off the firewall

- Open Alfred settings and follow the instructions: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/remote/setting-up/

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