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BetterTouchTool Touch bar doesn't work with Alfred 5.5


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I use BetterTouchTool's Touch Bar feature to customize my Touch Bar.

This is what it looks like on every other app:



However, ever since I upgraded to Alfred 5.5 [2257], the touch bar goes empty when I open Alfred using the shortcut:



I can say for a fact it was working on the latest version that was available 2 weeks ago (around 7th Mar, 2024) but ever since I updated to the latest Alfred 5.5, it's stopped working.

Running macOS Sonoma on Macbook Pro 2022 M2 model with Alfred Powerpack and latest BetterTouchTool version

$ sw_vers
ProductName:        macOS
ProductVersion:        14.2.1
BuildVersion:        23C71


Let me know if any further details are needed from my end.

PS: I initially thought it was a BetterTouchTool issue but it's been working on Raycast throughout and the only change I had made was updating Alfred

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@stacks13 Welcome to the forum :)


Nothing has changed in Alfred with regards to how he behaves with the menu bar, so here are a few things worth taking a look at:

  1. Try switching Alfred to Compatibility Mode in Appearance > Options > Focusing. By default, Alfred appears as a floating window, whereas using Compatibility Mode makes it behave more like an app, allowing other apps to be aware of it being in focus.
  2. Check that you haven't lost or accidentally changed some BTT settings that could have an impact on this behaviour
  3. You can redownload Alfred 5.1.4 if you'd like to confirm that the behaviour is the same between the previous and current versions of Alfred.

Let me know how you get on.

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@Vero Thank you for the steps! The issue appears to have miraculously resolved just as I was about to try the steps you mentioned. I had been dealing with it for about a day and it didn't go away even after a system reboot. Judging by this, I no longer think it was an issue with Alfred. Thanks anyway for looking into it

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