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No cursor visible in search bar

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Issue is apparent when moving back into the typed string to add characters in the middle.


  • What I was doing: simply opening the alfred search window, typing any string
  • Whether you were able to replicate it: yes, everytime it is used
  • Alfred 5.5 (2257), using default theme
  • macOS 14.4 (23E214)
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@anyland Could you please take a look at this thread? If you're using the hack to remove the Sonoma redesigned text cursor, this will explain why you're not seeing a cursor in Alfred. 




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Yep, good catch. I'm loving all of these sonoma bugs (sarcasm). I have the caps lock indicator disabled, it was driving me crazy while writing preprocessor code. I'll look into finding another solution then I guess.


I use alfred to do a lot of math and testing short equations, so this was a big change/inconvenience not being able to see where I was in the textbox. Like sometimes I'll spend 5mins just moving around and typing in Alfred.



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