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Script Filter - Alfred Filters Results - any way to avoid re-running the script when the user backspaces all the way to the start of Alfred's input box?

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I've got a workflow that I'm trying to wrap up to be publicly released, but one question I can't figure out is:


I am using a script filter that fetches results from an API which can be slow. So I use the Alfred filters results option so the script is not re-run on every keypress. This works perfectly, except if the user types a search term, then later backspaces all the way back to the beginning. At that point, instead of just displaying the original JSON results, it re-runs the script.


To work around this, I set a timeout (2 minutes by default) and just cache the entire JSON. If this cache is found and fresh, it just runs cat $my_json_file instead of executing the script. That feels like a hack and I'd rather avoid it.


Is there any way to tell Alfred or configure the ScriptFilter so it does NOT re-run upon backspacing to the beginning of the input box?

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@Andrew Yes I did see that and I played around a bit, but of course can't remember (now) why I chose my own method instead. It could very well be that the native caching would work fine and I will try it again for sure.


Back to the original question though- any reason that the script re-executes when backing the cursor up to position 0 in Alfred's entry field?


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