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Lunatask task and note creation

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Lunatask is an all-in-one encrypted to-do list, habit tracker, journaling, life-tracking and notes app. This workflow enables the quick creation of tasks and notes within Lunatask by leveraging the API.


The workflow allows for quick logging of new tasks by just inputing the name.



Or for tasks to be created with any desired option modifications.



The workflow also supports the creation of Lunatask's markdown-based notes.


The workflow can be downloaded from GitHub with the source code in the accompanying repository.


Usage instructions can be found on the GitHub page and in the workflow's about section.


Due to the current functionality of the Lunatask API, please note the following:

  • An internet connection is required to use the extension.
    • Related, the Lunatask app is not required to be installed on this computer though various configuration information must be manually copied from the app so an install somewhere is required.
  • New tasks and notes can be created but existing ones cannot be edited
    • It is possible that in a future update of this workflow that the ability for editing of tasks/notes created by this workflow may be added.
  • With manual data export from Lunatask, it is theoretically possible to edit tasks/notes that exist at the time of export though it is unlikely this functionality will be added unless programatic export becomes supported.


Support for Lunatask's new "Relationships" will come in a future update.



A special thanks to Mike, the creator of Lunatask, and to @zeitlings and their Swift GUI workflow (related Alfred forum thread).



Please let me know if you have feedback!

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Hi @vitor, thanks for this info. I had noticed that the pre-compiled binaries ran slightly faster but it sounds like it's not worth the headache. Unless there is some way for me to make the binaries run smoothly I'll switch it over.

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7 minutes ago, Hekate said:

Unless there is some way for me to make the binaries run smoothly


Only by signing and notarising them, which requires an Apple Developer Account. Not having one, using the Run Script with Swift as the language saves a ton of headaches for users.

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