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How to show user input form?

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Hi Alfred community, I'm working on a workflow that requires a user input form (like below) to show up so we can gather multiple input fields from the user. How can I accomplish that?


Things thought/tried

- I thought we could chain multiple Script Filters together, each asking for one input, but that isn't intuitive and the user can only see one input at a time. 

- Another was using one script filter with separator between each input field ( input1<separator>input2<separator>input) and then split the input based on the separator. That isn't intuitive as well. The Alfred bar can only show few chars and user has to keep entering separator every time. 




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Hey @andy4222, there is no way to do this with Alfred as far as I know. However, you can build it yourself from scratch.

I just finished an experiment that raises a graphical prompt that passes the values you enter to Alfred. This works by wrapping the GUI, i.e. SwiftUI components, in an  NSWindow instance.


To make it work for your needs, you will need to customize the SwiftUI view and its components.

I think the results are quite promising though. 😄


You can download the experiment here





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