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Nloc - network location switcher

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Nloc - network location switcher for Alfred


I use the OS X  `network locations` feature quite often. It allows me to comfortably switch between networks, without setting the proxies, DNS and other parameters every time. So I wrote this workflow to do it even faster.




nloc network_location_name


Workflow supports autocompletion of known network locations:





Up-to-date workflow bundles can be downloaded here.


NOTE: Due to changes in security policy on OS X 10.8, system _will_ ask you for your password after executing the workflow.

OS X 10.7 system won't ask for your password since it doesn't require the `networksetup` command to be executed with super user privileges.

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For 10.8, there is a workaround. If you put in the sudo command before the `networksetup` command, then it can work seamlessly without needing a password as long as you follow the instructions that I pasted below (it's part of a commented bash script I wrote).

# If you want to avoid putting in a password, then make sure that the
# sudo variable below is uncommented. AND add the following line
# to /etc/sudoers (sudo nano /etc/sudoers) -- type in your pword at the prompt

# USER ALL=NOPASSWD:/usr/sbin/networksetup

# "USER" needs to be replaced with your username (or the username of anyone
# who uses Alfred2 and this workflow.)
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