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Do we need an 'arbitrary input' action?

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Hi there  :D


First of all, I'm really enjoying Alfred's second incarnation. The workflow stuff is fantastic.


I've even had a quick go at reworking an old extension for creating new folders (nothing clever).




Anyway, while fiddling with the Applescript, I wondered if it was worth adding another action that would help with the cases where you needed to input a second or third parameter through Alfred (at the moment, I'm calling a dialog up through Applescript).


So, how would it work? Well when you set it up, you give the input action a name (fileLocation for example) and some text it would display in Alfred.


In use:


The action would take a {query} from a preceding action

and then take user input from Alfred.

and then join the user input to {query}, appending the action name (so you could identify what the value was) and the value

The new {query} would then be passed on to the next workflow action (which could be another 'arbitrary input' action)


Having written it, it does look a bit complicated (especially when it comes to parsing the query)  :rolleyes:




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I think this is similar what David Ferguson did for his quick rename workflow which I took over and enhanced a bit (which contains the part you may need).


Look at the code of this to get an idea how to accomplish this chaining parameters and actions: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1779-rename-file-action/

Thanks very much. That's just what I'm looking for. :-)

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