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  1. With the new Alfred 2 Update it is finally possible to fix the result order in a supported way (I modified workflow.php to support that).
  2. URL goes to 404 ... and it is a bit unclear to me what it actually will do!
  3. This workflow generates some useful checksums from file contents. It is implemented as file action which makes it easy to use! It works pretty nice with my "Last changed files" workflow and also can be used to checksum a file in finder by setting a hotkey to the "File Selection" in "Find File". You can download it here: https://github.com/oderwat/alfredworkflows/raw/master/Checksums.alfredworkflow My other workflows are here: https://github.com/oderwat/alfredworkflows Versions: V1.0 - Initial releases
  4. @Sridhar GasMask is pretty cool! Never heard of it before!
  5. Yet another method to fix the result order! Added 'Docoments/My Games' to blacklist.
  6. Well... I usually use sublime text 2 in the shell... with sudo subl /private/etc/hosts not really worth a workflow for me.
  7. In addition to autocomplete there should be the type(='file') so the results can be drag&drop if they are path's.
  8. Hey @vdesabou! I modified "my" version of the script to handle the spaces in Names, grabbed that visible message idea and made the clipboard copying optional when you press CMD on rename (I hate to mess up my clipboard as side effect). I did not add your extra script cause I like to have the things "visible" so others can check it out and use part of it. Still not tested very much! I am not sure if all escaping works as expected. There may be still problems with some filenames.
  9. I added the iTunes Folder to the Blacklist and made a personal Blacklist which just triggers on my system (dependent on the user name of the login user). Maybe I create a way to store personal data for the blacklist in the future.
  10. I just fixed a rather stupid bug which hides files from the result list when they have the exact same timestamp.
  11. Yes... That is one thing I like better with LaunchBar. You can Fuzzy Search "anything"!
  12. I think this is similar what David Ferguson did for his quick rename workflow which I took over and enhanced a bit (which contains the part you may need). Look at the code of this to get an idea how to accomplish this chaining parameters and actions: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1779-rename-file-action/
  13. Can you run a quick test and enter the following in a terminal window to see it it gives a result? mdfind -onlyin ~/ 'kMDItemDateAdded >= $time.now(-7200)' This should list all files below your user home added in the last 2 hours. And please try: php -v and give me the result please! May be hard to find that problem this way... probably something easily overseen
  14. Well I need to know their filenames & mdls attributes. I do not have any files like that for testing. I wonder why the actually are listet cause I do not get any files include in spotlight searches which are in folders starting with a dot character.
  15. Yeah I am still optimizing. I try to not make a "white list" of folders but a black-list. So my extra folders in home are all caught. Can you tell me the path of the files and probably also make a "mdls <filename>" in the terminal with some of them? I guess you have multiple paths with such files (inside the .sass-cache folders I suspect)? As I can not filter in spotlight for a file path I may need to exclude them from the results but would like to see if there is a better way to filter them out.
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