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  1. Is there a replacement for Packal yet? I haven't been keeping up.
  2. Okay, I’ve scored a bit of time to revisit the date app and fix a few bugs. Not everything has been looked at because I’ve got to head off again for a while, but what I have done is: – Upgraded the workflow library – Fixed a few of the scripts that referred to Alfred 2 instead of Alfred 3 (I guess this means Alfred 2 is no longer supported). – A bit of a general code tidy up The big piece of work though, is the restoration of the exclude functionality, which should work properly, but with limitations. To prevent it blowing things up if the search combination doesn’
  3. Quick reminder folks. The spaces around the + and - are optional. dcalc 31.12.2017-* will work the same as: dcalc 31.12.2017 - *
  4. Unfortunately, no. But I have put in some abbreviations for some of the common functions. * today & the current time # now < yesterday > tomorrow If you want today's date, then just type: dcalc * So the slightly quicker way to do your calculation would be: dcalc mm/dd/yy-* Hope that helps. Mmm, looking at your question again, it looks like the answer is yes.
  5. Yup, try the same thing but add the 'd' at the end to set the result format. 2017-02-25 - 2017-01-01 d
  6. Another update. Unfortunately, it's just bug fixes and the removal of the exclude function as it has proved to be too unreliable to be trusted. xilopaint highlighted a problem whereby I wasn't accounting for excluded dates that fell inside the new range once the exclusion was calculated. For example, if I was excluding weekends and which pushed out the date to another weekend, then I wasn't accounting for the new weekend and pushing the date out even further. Having fixed the problem, I realised that it was now possible to enter an expression that the calculator would be unable to fill bec
  7. Important Note! Do not skip over and surf something else! xilopaint has highlighted a problem with the exclude calculation, so steer clear of it. I'm looking into the tidiest way to fix it, or possibly pulling it altogether because I've never been quite comfortable with excluding something that causes the end result to get further away. It's always been an odd one that. Anyway, don't use it; it'll make you late for stuff.
  8. Hello, I've updated the workflow following a twitter request. You now have a new date format to struggle with (the wordy format) which looks like this: dd mmm yyyy So you can now use abbreviated (three characters only!) month names in expressions. dcalc today - 23 apr 2016 http://www.packal.org/workflow/date-calculator
  9. This should work the same way it worked before: dcalc today - christmas exclude weekends should give you how much time you have until Christmas day excluding weekends.
  10. I think Alfred is meant to be more of a command-line interface: you enter a command, it does something, you're done. Complex GUIs are for long running interactions. I would be more inclined to write a completely separate application and then just call it with a standard Alfred search.
  11. Okay, this doesn't look like it's is going to show up any time soon, so I took Deanishe's advice and looked for an alternative clipboard manager. I've tried a couple of them over the last couple of months, and finally settled on this one: http://copiedapp.com It looks good, balances functionality and weight pretty well and isn't too expensive. It supports rich text and images and it can also share clipboards between a Mac, an iPad and an iPhone on the same iCloud account. It's really useful to be able to take a picture on the iPhone and have it instantly available on the Mac withou
  12. Alfred can't do it, but there is a great workflow which will give you exactly what you want. http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1122-play-song-quickly-play-songs-albums-and-more-from-itunes/
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